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Step 4 Make an immediate impact

When you sit down for an interview with the prospect, be ready to make an impression. Prepare ahead of time, know what you should and should not do in an interview, and show how the unique value you oer meets the prospect’s unique needs.


  • Ask questions that focus on items of concern, based on your research

  • Determine your questions in advance using Putnam’s Client Interview Questionnaire, focusing on several primary areas: Participant services and education programs Recordkeeping/plan sponsor services Plan features Investment choices Fiduciary exposure

  • Take notes during the conversation so you can use them in follow-up discussions and in your sales presentation Do not:

  • Start o by promoting a product during the initial interview

  • Point out flaws with the existing plan (the right questions will allow your prospect to recognize these flaws)

  • Refer to the prospect’s Form 5500 details without acknowledging that they are publicly available

Step 5 Be persistent

If the prospect says “no,” don’t be discouraged and don’t abandon the eort. “No” may simply mean “Not right now.” Keep in mind that:

  • Decision makers change, and new decision makers may reevaluate the plan

  • Providers change products, fee schedules, and service delivery

  • Performance of existing investments can take a downturn

  • Existing advisors sometimes lose touch and leave clients looking for better service

  • Oering yourself as a free “sounding board” can keep you in the picture

The key here is to do what you can to establish your brand over time. Ask to include the prospect on your mailing list, and stay in touch through both regular contact and drip campaigns. When you send updates, the latest research, and educational pieces to your active clients, send them to your prospects as well. If they are not receiving this level of attention from their current advisor or provider, they will think of you when they are ready to make a change or consider their options.

Education that sells itself

Use Putnam’s award-winning educational materials to win over resistant prospects. Ranging from detailed QDIA descriptions to the basics of retirement investing, these materials cover the full spectrum of topics that are important to plan sponsors and participants.

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