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Step 8 Follow up with everyone

Be sure to follow up with each person who attended your presentation. Some attendees may have more influence than you realize, so don’t leave anyone out.

  • Immediately write thank-you notes to each attendee

  • Send articles or materials that address key concerns or motivate a change

  • If a decision is delayed, gain an edge by maintaining contact (see Step 5 for suggestions)

Step 10 Plan for long-term success

After the plan is up and running, take advantage of opportunities to deepen your relationship with the client so you will be considered for additional business.

  • Provide a business plan

  • Get involved in enrollment meetings and schedule follow-up educational meetings

  • Oer additional services to participants, such as retirement and college savings products

  • Arrange regular meetings with the plan sponsor/decision makers to review and enhance the plan (and document the results of these eorts)

  • Use the templates in Putnam’s Fiduciary Toolkit to help ensure plan compliance with key regulations and standards, and to document your eorts

  • Review progress reports provided by Putnam to establish a benchmark and create a plan for improvement

  • Provide an annual progress report

  • Conduct a quarterly investment review

Step 9 Assist with plan conversion

Once you have won the business, insert yourself as an integral part of the plan conversion. The more involved you are, the better your client relationship — and the greater your chance for additional business.

  • Work with Putnam to ensure a smooth transition

  • Outline the conversion steps for the client (conversion steps will vary based on the size and type of plan)

  • Communicate regularly to ensure that the client is satisfied with the process

Service is the best sales tool

Putnam provides ongoing communication materials that help plan sponsors conduct ecient educational meetings and help participants understand and take full advantage of their plan. Just as important, these resources reinforce and promote Putnam’s broader capabilities among existing clients — and help open the door to selling additional products and services.

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