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Editing consists of selecting segments of tracks and applying actions or effects to them, this way you can easily remove unwanted parts, add your own voice recording to a music track, combine parts of multiple tracks together, and more. Until you save your project, any editing can be undone. Once you master several basic skills, you will have a powerful tool at your hands.

Being able to select segments from a track is a crucial skill in editing sound clips, follow these steps:

  • 1.

    Make sure the selection tool is active

  • 2.

    Click somewhere on the track waveform and drag until you have selected

the desired segment 3. Release the mouse button

To make sure you selected the right part, you can replay the selection (click the green round play button).

To adjust the selection:

1. Move the cursor over the start or end of the selection until it becomes a pointing finger

  • 2.

    Click and drag to change the selection

  • 3.

    Repeat those steps until you are satisfied.

Additionally, to perform a selection you can place the selection cursor somewhere on the waveform by single-clicking, and go to Edit > Select > Start to Cursor or Cursor to End.

To delete a segment choose Edit > Delete or press the Del button.

To cut a segment out choose Edit > Cut.

To paste a segment choose Edit > Paste.

To have the volume increase or decrease gradually, choose Effects > Fade In or Fade Out.

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