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Do Not Use Database Tools to Modify Oracle Applications or Enterprise Data Warehouse Data

Oracle STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that you never use SQL*Plus, Oracle Data Browser, database triggers, or any other tool to modify Oracle Applications or Enterprise Data Warehouse tables, unless we tell you to do so in our guides.

Oracle provides powerful tools you can use to create, store, change, retrieve and maintain information in an Oracle database. If you use Oracle tools such as SQL*Plus to modify Oracle Applications data, you risk destroying the integrity of your data and you lose the ability to audit changes to your data.

Because Oracle Applications and Enterprise Data Warehouse tables are interrelated, any change you make using an Oracle Applications form can update many tables at once. When you modify data using anything other than Oracle Applications forms, you might change a row in one table without making corresponding changes in related tables. If your tables get out of synchronization with each other, you risk retrieving erroneous information and you risk unpredictable results throughout Oracle Applications.

When you use Oracle Applications forms to modify your data, Oracle Applications automatically checks that your changes are valid. Oracle Applications also keeps track of who changes information. If you enter information into database tables using database tools, you may store invalid information. You also lose the ability to track who has changed your information because SQL*Plus and other database tools do not keep a record of changes.


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