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Overview of E-Business Intelligence

Overview of E-Business Intelligence

In becoming e-businesses, organizations have streamlined their internal processes to win new customers and to gain a larger share of their existing customers’ business. New, internet-enabled, enterprise application suites and electronic market places are reducing inefficiencies across supply chains while providing new opportunities to improve customer relationships. As organizations adopt these new solutions, the need to make decisions faster has also increased. To remain competitive, every organization must empower more people to make informed decisions, without the need for long approval or review cycles.

To meet this challenge, organizations must provide the relevant business information and analysis tools that every manager or project team needs to quickly understand what is happening, to be able to analyze alternatives, and to take action. E-Business Intelligence applications are available to provide the data and analysis required to make these decisions, but most business intelligence products are not integrated with operational systems. Because the business processes underlying source applications are always changing, traditional business intelligence applications cannot easily gather the necessary data or transform it into useful management information.

Oracle E-Business Intelligence provides a simple and powerful framework for delivering information, from internal applications and external sources, to users across the enterprise. With E-Business Intelligence applications, everyone has immediate access to accurate and timely data to make faster and more informed decisions, which leads to a positive impact on bottom line results.


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