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Overview of Performance Management Framework

Overview of Performance Management Framework

The Performance Management Framework (PM Framework) is a foundation technology of E-Business Intelligence, a key component of Oracle Applications that enables managers to track performance measures."

Performance measures are indicators that you can use to determine enterprise performance and success. E-Business Intelligence provides a set of pre-seeded performance measures, such as Sales Revenue or Inventory Turnover. You can also create new performance measures to suit your specific business needs. For a complete list of pre-seeded measures, see Measure Content on page 3-19.

Each performance measure has a target value associated with it and can have up to 3 tolerance ranges defined. The target value and tolerance ranges are defined by your users.

Each tolerance range can be associated with a different user list, as illustrated in the following table. Whenever a measure falls out of one or more of the defined tolerance ranges, the user group associated with that tolerance range automatically receives a notification. You can then set up workflows to automatically correct the problem.

User List Sales Managers Sales Directors Company CEO

Target Value

Tolerance Range %

Low Range

High Range

$10,000,000 $10,000,000 $10,000,000

+/- 1% +/- 2.5% +/- 5%

$9,900,000 $9,750,000 $9,500,000

$10,100,000 $10,250,000 $10,500,000

Table 1–1

Sales Revenue Performance Measure user Notification Tolerance Ranges

You can schedule or request alerts using either Oracle Alerts or E-Business Alerts. However, all alerts for performance measures that were released in Oracle Applications 11i.6 or higher must be scheduled and requested using E-Business Alerts. See the following paragraphs for more information on this subject.


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