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Overview of Performance Management Framework

Data Sources

For performance measures that us E-Business Alerts, the data can be retrieved from any source, as long as the performance information is contained in a database view. Oracle Applications 11i.6 contains pre-built measures and their associated database views. These views can provide information from an data warehouse or transaction system. For the 11i.6 release, the prebuilt performance measures use E-Business Alerts and all are based on the Oracle E-Business Intelligence Enterprise Data Warehouse. Future releases will expand the prebuilt content to include data sourced directly from the transactional system.

For performance measures that use Oracle Alerts, the data can be retrieved from any source that can be coded in the alerts. Pre-built measures retrieve data from the transactional system, usually from a summary database table.

Example of How to Use PM Framework

When enterprise performance does not meet predefined targets, you will receive workflow notifications, which can include links to related reports. You can respond immediately to the notifications either by sharing information with other responsibilities, or by taking corrective action. PM Framework provides a powerful corporate management framework for enhanced and timely decision-making by enabling you to measure and analyze enterprise performance. The following is an example of how to use PM Framework.

ABC, Inc. is implementing PM Framework. The company decides on a list of measures that are important to their industry and their situation. This list contains some measures that are pre configured with Oracle Applications and some measures that need to be configured. In this example, the Revenue measure is already defined, while the Damaged Shipments performance measure needs to be configured.


User Guide

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