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Overview of Performance Management Framework

To use each of these performance measures, the following must occur.

Revenue Performance Measure

  • 1.

    A system administration group determines the security access for the performance measure. For example, they might give the Plant Manager responsibility access to the Revenue performance measure at the plant and quarter levels, and give the Vice President responsibility access to the Revenue performance measure at the division and year levels.

  • 2.

    The system administrator schedules the alerts, for example running the quarterly Revenue starting on April 5 and repeating every 3 months.

  • 3.

    Users within ABC, Inc. enter target, tolerance range, and owner information. This information can be entered by a centralized performance group, or by the end users. For example. ABC plant has a revenue target of $3 million, with +/- range of 5% that is reported to the plant manager.

  • 4.

    End users can start requesting alerts for the Revenue performance measure and they can configure their personal homepage to display the performance measure information.

Damaged Shipment Performance Measure

  • 1.

    A system administrator or developer configures this new measure.

    • a.

      Identifying a database view that contains the relevant performance information.

    • b.

      A system administrator creates the Damaged Shipment measure with the required dimensions and dimension level combinations, for example. The Damaged Shipments might use the Geography and Time dimensions.

    • c.

      The administrator uses the Application Developer Common Module forms to link the performance measure to the relevant database view.

  • 2.

    The measure is rolled out, following the same steps as described in the Revenue Performance measure above.



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