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Overview of Performance Management Viewer

Overview of Performance Management Viewer

The Performance Management Viewer (PM Viewer) is a metadata driven reporting tool whose purpose is to provide an easy and consistent means to create and display reports for performance measures. It uses information from the PM Framework tables and views on top of actuals data (either OLTP or EDW) in order to determine what information to show and how to show it. PM Viewer uses the Oracle Web Application Dictionary (AK) as its metadata repository.

PM Viewer uses AK Developer windows. These windows enable developers to simplify the report development process. Using PM Viewer, developers only need to define the report components in the AK Dictionary and specify the report data source. PM Viewer automatically generates a standard HTML report. If the report has a corresponding performance measure, the generated report displays the actual values compared to the target values. The data source view is the only custom development involved.

Note: E-Business Intelligence reports are designed to give executives a simple, high-level overview of corporate information. Thus, E-Business Intelligence reports do not support some of the more complex features offered by other reporting products.

The Performance Management Graph Portlet allows end users to display graphs from the PM Viewer reports. Users can customize this portlet and choose reports and parameters they want to display.

The Performance Management List portlet enables user to view performance information from the personal homepage. Users can customize this portlet and measures and parameters they want to display. The actual values of the measure will display with red color coding, if the actual value falls outside of the tolerance range. The values of the measure are calculated whenever an alert is processed. The portlet also displays the target values and the time periods for each measure.

PM Viewer lets users access a set of pre-built reports that are specifically tailored to intelligence users. These reports provide an intuitive and easy to learn user interface. The previous releases used Oracle Reports to define and render reports. In this release, E-Business Intelligence uses the Business Intelligence System PM Viewer technology to define and render reports.

Users receive notifications through Oracle Workflow if they are out of tolerance for measures with targets.


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