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Creating New Performance Measures

Defining New Performance Measures

To define a new performance measure, you must define its parameters. This step should be performed by an administrator.

To define a performance measure, do the following:

  • 1.

    In the E-Business Intelligence Personal Homepage (PHP), navigate to Performance Management Framework (Full Access) > Performance Measures. The Performance Measure Selection window appears.

  • 2.

    Choose the Create Performance Measure button. The Performance Measure window appears.

  • 3.

    Define your measure by completing the following fields: Internal Name: Internal name or code that is used for the measure. The internal name should be in all upper case (for example, REVENUE) with no spaces or special characters. Display Name: The name of the measure, as it is displayed in the application. For example, Revenue. Unit of Measure: The unit of measure used to quantify the measure. For example, for the Revenue performance measure, the unit of measure might be US Dollars.

Note: The unit of measure you enter is for display purposes only and it is not validated against the units of measure that are defined in your source database. Therefore, you must ensure that the unit of measure you enter is the same unit of measure used in your source database.

Description: Description of the measure.


In the Dimensions region, choose up to 7 dimensions to associate with the measure. Note that all dimensions in the transaction or warehouse source databases are listed; however, you must only choose dimensions that are defined in the performance measure’s database view. For information on how to define the database view for a performance measure, see the Oracle E-Business Intelligence Performance Management Framework and Performance Management Viewer Developer Guide.

Using PM Framework and PM Viewer


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