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Setting Up Performance Measures

Scheduling Alerts

Only administrators can schedule alerts for performance measures. You can schedule an alert for each time dimension level associated with the performance measure. For example, if the Expenses performance measure has three time dimension levels (Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly), then you can define three different alert schedules.

Alerts run at a specified frequency. Each time the alert runs, it calculates the actual value for the performance measure and compares it to the target value. If the performance measure falls out of tolerance, the target owners receive an alert notifying them that the measure is out-of-tolerance, along with a link to a related report. Also, if the performance measure has any corrective action workflows set up, the workflow is automatically launched; the actual value for the performance measure is updated in the Performance Measure region of the personal homepage; and the alert notification will appear in the worklist region of the personal homepage.

Alerts for performance measures that were delivered previous to Oracle Applications 11i.6, must be scheduled using Oracle Alerts technology. For more information on how to schedule alerts using Oracle Alerts, see the Oracle Alerts User Guide.

For performance measures that were delivered after Oracle Applications 11i.6, you must schedule alerts using E-Business Alerts technology, which is described below.

To schedule an alert using E-Business Alerts technology, do the following:

  • 1.

    In the E-Business Intelligence Personal Homepage (PHP), navigate to Performance Management Framework (Full Access).

  • 2.

    In the Performance Measure field, choose the measure that you want to schedule the alert for and choose the Next button.


In the Dimension Level Combination field, choose the dimension level combinations that you want to schedule an alert for and choose the Next button. The Schedule Alert window appears.

Using PM Framework and PM Viewer


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