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Setting Up Performance Measures

Requesting Alerts

Users can request to receive alert notifications for any performance measures that they want to track. For example, you can request to receive the alert notification for the Revenue performance measure. Every time the alert runs, you will receive a notification if the performance measure is out of tolerance. The notification includes the actual and target values for the performance measure, and a link to the alert report. Once you request an alert, any alert notifications that you receive will appear in the worklist region of your personal homepage.

Note that you can only request alerts for performance measures that were delivered in Oracle Applications 11i.6 (See: "List of Performance Measures" on page 3-19) or higher and that have already been scheduled by an Administrator (See: "Scheduling Alerts" on page 3-15).

To request an alert, do the following:

  • 1.

    Navigate to the target entry window. This can be done directly from a report or the PM list portlet. You may also select the menu item for Target Entry.

  • 2.

    From the Target Entry window, choose the Request Alert icon.

  • 3.

    For each alert request that you want to view, complete the following parameters:

Alert Date: The start and end date for the existing dimension level alert schedule. The required date format is displayed below the box.

Time: This is the time of day for the alert schedule. Alert Frequency: This gives the frequency of the alert

Alert Information: This contains the performance measure and parameter information.

  • 4.

    Choose the Submit button to request the alert. If you choose Cancel you will be taken back without submitting the alert.

  • 5.

    If the performance measure does not have an alert scheduled, the system will prevent you from submitting the request, and an error message appears.

Using PM Framework and PM Viewer


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