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Using the Performance Management Viewer

Using the Performance Management Viewer

For this release PM Viewer introduces a new report format and a new portlet format. The following format matrix summarizes all report and portlet formats, and should help you understand what you can access and leverage in the PM Viewer:

Table 3–4 PM Viewer Format Matrix

Category Reports

Format Standard- View-by

Special Features PM Framework-Integrated (business plan parameter + link

to Edit target value in table) Parameters based on dimensions/dim. Levels only First column in table is the view-by Subsequent columns are the measures

Top N/Bottom N –No view-by

Parameters can be dimensions, attributes, same for columns in table


Allows for first graph (graph position 1) to be displayed on portal/homepage


Allows table to be displayed on portal/homepage


(based on any PM Viewer report)

This section provides an understanding of the navigation and use of the PM Viewer reports and their respective portlets but does not guide you in the actual creating reports or content portlets. For this information, please refer to the E-Business Intelligence Performance Management Framework and Performance Management Viewer Developer Guide which covers all necessary steps and features to develop new reports or edit existing reports.

It is also important for the you to be familiar with the personal homepage, or Oracle Portal, which is the ”dashboard” and starting point to all PM Viewer reports and Homepage (PHP) so that you can easily navigate to the important data that you are responsible for.

You should be familiar with the Worklist region of your PHP (the notification which allows for the display of the scheduled reports), with the Favorites region of your PHP (which allows for adding links to reports, workbooks, or URLs,) the PM Framework region of your PHP (see PM Framework section), and the PM Viewer portlet (described in the following section).


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