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Using the Performance Management Viewer

Accessing, Running and Viewing PM Viewer Reports Using the Parameters Page

Pre-built Intelligence reports are available to you, based on the licensing of Intelligence products such as Manufacturing Intelligence, Supply Chain Intelligence, etc. These reports are attached to an Intelligence responsibility, which is further divided into menus under which specific reports may be found. From these menus, choose the desired report link.

Note: You will only have access to those Intelligence areas for which you have been assigned a responsibility by you System Administrator. These are the only Intelligence reports that will appear on your Personal Homepage.

If appropriate ad-hoc reports are created using the PM Viewer, they may similarly be attached to your responsibility and made available as a link in order for you to run and view them. This topic includes the following sections:

Parameters Navigation Flow on page 3-27 Parameters Definitions on page 3-28 Summary of the Parameter Buttons on page 3-29

Parameters Navigation Flow

Once you have chosen the desired report link, you are taken to the parameters page. Two scenarios can then occur:

First Scenario: The report contains parameters.

  • 1.

    You are prompted to fill out values for these parameters in order to make the report more relevant to you.

  • 2.

    If the report also contains the view-by parameter, you need to select one dimension level by which you would like to run the report.

  • 3.

    After selecting the desired parameters values, you can choose the Save Parameters button to save your parameters values as the default. When you receive a confirmation that your parameters values have been saved, choose the OK button to return to the parameters page. This feature allows you to save time in the future by running this report with the previously saved values. This parameter save feature is per user, per report.

Using PM Framework and PM Viewer


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