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Using the Performance Management Viewer

If the performance measure is out of tolerance (as defined in PM Framework), then the actual value would be displayed in red. The target value cells are hyperlinked to let you edit the value, or to (re)assign owners to the tolerance ranges.

The following is a summary of features in the table of a Standard Report: Drill-down in the dimension hierarchy in the first column of the table A target column for a performance measure, and potentially a variance column Target value editing through links in the target value cells Red coloring of actual values if out of tolerance (performance measure)

The table format is fixed cross-tab, where the first column is always the view-by (the dimension level you select), and the subsequent columns are the measures

Top N/bottom N (No View-By) Report: The format of this table is slightly different from that of the Standard Report. It is tabular, and columns can be not only measures (revenue), but also various attributes (purchase order number, date booked, sales representative name, etc.), along with dimension levels.

Both Report Formats: The following is the additional list of features that you may encounter:

Drill across to another report or a URL from a table cell. Sorting data by choosing the column header

Related Information Section

Pre-built intelligence reports may come with available related reports and workbooks. You can further customize this section by choosing the Customize button to add other PM Viewer reports, Discoverer workbooks, or internal and external URLs. This can do this customization for your individual system.

Generic Section

To assist in navigating of the reports, global navigation buttons can take you back to your Personal Homepage (choose the Return to Portal button), back to the report menu (choose the Menu button) you came from (if applicable), and to the help screen (choose the Help button).

The PM Viewer report also has a Printer Friendly button which allows you to print an HTML report by removing all the graphical components (such as the LOV flashlight icons) that are not relevant to the print format, thus leaving additional print space for the important layout of data.

Using PM Framework and PM Viewer


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