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Accessing, Customizing and Viewing PM Viewer Portlets

Accessing, Customizing and Viewing PM Viewer Portlets

The PM Viewer portlets come in two formats: graph format and table format.

Configuring the Personal Homepage/Portal

You can access the PM Viewer portlets by customizing your Personal Homepage (PHP). You need to choose the PM Viewer portlet to add to a created tab or region within a tab. You can have as many PM Viewer portlets as you wish, keeping in mind that each portlet will need to query and display data.

Customizing the PM Viewer Portlet

Once the PM Viewer portlet is added to a region or to a tab, you can choose the Customize button to display the chosen content.

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    Select a responsibility, select a PM Viewer report attached to the selected responsibility, then choose the Apply button.

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    Parameters and portlet settings: Based on the selected report, you are prompted to choose parameters values. You can further customize the content by naming the portlet, and by selecting the format: graph or table (some reports may not include any graphs, therefore the selection will be geared automatically on the table).

Note: In this release of the PM Viewer you can display only the first graph in the report, even if the report contains more than one graph. This limitation will be resolved in the next release and will allow you to choose which graph (out of the multiple graphs included in the report) you wish to view.


Scheduling the refresh frequency of the portlet: This step is similar to the scheduling feature described in the Report section. The available window is different for basic and advanced users. If you are an advanced users are able to edit the assigned refresh schedule. If you are a basic users you are informed of the refresh schedule. Contrary to scheduling the reports, scheduling the refresh frequency of the portlet does trigger a workflow notification, nor an e-mail message.


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