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Accessing, Customizing and Viewing PM Viewer Portlets

Viewing the PM Viewer Portlet:

After you have finished the customizing steps from the previous section, you are returned to your PHP where a “processing” message will be displayed inside the customized PM Viewer portlet. You can refresh your browser to execute the portlet.

The PM Viewer Portlet, in the table format, has target editing capability, similar to the table in the report. When you choose the link, you can access the PM Framework edit target forms window. This allows you to edit the target value, if there is already an existing one, or add a new one. You can also assign or re-assign various tolerance ranges to different owners.

Only part of the table (there is a limitation on the displayed rows) can be displayed if report developers have limited the number of rows to be displayed in the portlet. This is done in AK, at the Descriptive Flexfield region level (See the E-Business Intelligence Performance Management Framework and Performance Management Viewer Developer s Guide for information on using this feature).

The PM Viewer portlet, in the graph format, exactly represents the first graph of the report as shown in the report. There is no drilling into the graph itself.

For both formats, graph and table, you can access the report from the link located on the left-hand side of the PHP. This will display the entire content of the report.

There is also and indication of the “Last Refresh” date/time and a “customize” link that allows you to modify the content.

Using PM Framework and PM Viewer


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