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For this example, a Network Service Provider (NSP—the phone company) is providing a timing signal with a Digital Access and Cross-connect System (DACS). This is usually the case where an inter-exchange carrier (long distance company) is involved. When the carrier provides a timing signal, all other devices on the T1 must use that signal to derive their transmit clock. Use the “B” command for the DIU timing options and select “5” for NET (recovered NETwork clock).


There are no more changes required to the default CSU configuration to configure this example. Use the “X” command to return to the NCC 2020 Main Menu.

Quick Set-Up

Configuring the DIU 2130

For this example, the NCC 2020 is used with a DIU 2130 module in the right-hand side (slot 2) of a Dual-line shelf. The NCC 2020 connects directly to the T1 circuit and provides CSU functionality. The DIU 2130 presents two synchronous serial interfaces for connecting the Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) and provides DSU functions.

Before any module may be configured, it must first be selected. When you first logged in to the NCC 2020 the default was that the NCC was selected. To configure the DIU 2130, first select it.

The S) shelf/slot command is used to navigate from one module to another. Type “S” and press ENTER. The prompt for selecting another module appears: Enter shelf,slot > For this example the node has only one shelf (shelf #1) and the DIU 2130 is in slot two of that shelf. Type “1,2” and press ENTER.

The prompt line returns as: [1,2] DIU 2130 (UPDATE) > this indicates that the DIU 2130 has been selected.

NOTE: Whenever the word UPDATE appears in the command line prompt, it indicates that some information has changed since the screen was last refreshed. To refresh the screen with current information, simply press ENTER.

Configuration Menu

Type “C” and press ENTER to select the DIU 2130 Configuration Menu.

There is a brief delay as the NCC module attempts to communicate with a CSU module in Shelf 0, Slot 0 since this is the default value for CSU assignment in a new DIU 2130 module. An address of Shelf 0, Slot 0 is not a valid address. Modules are shipped this way in order that they may be added to a shelf without interfering with any existing applications. An error message appears:

No response from csu[ 0,0 ].


Verilink NCC 2020 User Manual

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