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For details on using Node Manager to upgrade an NCC 2020 or the other modules it controls, refer to the Node Manager User Manual.

Thumbwheel Switches

The thumbwheel switches on the front panel of the NCC 2020 are provided as a measure of last resort for configuring the NCC, and/or application modules it controls, when terminal access to the Craft interface is not possible.

It is preferred practice to use the Craft interface or a network management program instead of the thumbwheels.

A four-step procedure is used for each thumbwheel command:

1. Set the thumbwheel to the number, 01 through 30, equal to the slot number of the module to be configured. If a node consists of multi-line shelves, the first slot in shelf two would be numbered as 14 and the last slot 26. In a node consisting of all dual-line shelves, the first (left-hand) slot of a second shelf is number 03.


Rapidly press the EXE pushbutton twice, as if double-clicking a mouse. If the NCC 2020 accepts your double-click, the STAT LED on the selected module will begin to blink green to off. If the STAT LED does not begin to blink, try double clicking again at a slightly faster or slower rate. Do not proceed to step 3 until the STAT LED on the desired module begins to blink. Once the STAT LED does begin to blink, steps 3 and 4 must be completed within 60 seconds or the thumbwheel command procedure will time-out.


Set the thumbwheel switches to the command value to be used, per Table 3-7 below.


Double-click the EXE pushbutton again. If the NCC 2020 module accepts your double-click, the STAT LED on the selected module will stop blinking green to off and will return to some other state. If the STAT LED on the module continues to blink green to off, the NCC 2020 did not accept your double- click. Try double-clicking again, at a faster or slower rate. If you are not successful within 60 seconds of the time you selected the module in step 2, the module will timeout and return to its normal state. If this happens, start over with step 1 of this procedure.

Thumbwheel Procedure

Thumbwheel Commands

Table 3-7 lists the commands available through the front panel thumbwheels.

Verilink NCC 2020 User Manual


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