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Topic 13: Gentrification and Housing Contemporary London

The final session will consider some of the contemporary housing problems accompanying London’s success as a global city. The lecture will outline and critically access how gentrification – a term first coined in reference to London in 1964 - has morphed from being the isolated product of the residential choices of certain middle-class professionals to being embedded within urban policy across London.

Two hour-length episodes from the BBC documentary series The Tower (2007) will be screened. These provide acute observations on the stark polarising impact of Berkeley Homes’ purchase and upgrading of Aragon Tower in an area of public housing in Deptford, southeast London – directly opposite Canary Wharf.

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Useful Web Resources:

Bibliography on London: www.librarycatalogue.cityoflondon.gov.uk

Charles Booth Online Archive: http://booth.lse.ac.uk/

Government of London: www.london.gov.uk

Guardian Unlimited maps, resources and stories about the 2001 Census:


London Plan: http://www.london.gov.uk/mayor/strategies/sds/index.jsp

Migration experiences: www.movinghere.org.uk

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