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Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist E.M Foster, Howards End George Gissing, The Nether World Evelyn Waugh, Vile Bodies

Topic 4: Imperial London

Visit to the Museum in Docklands

Meeting point: Foyer of the Museum.

1 Warehouse, West India Quay, Hertsmere Road, E14 4AL

0870 444 3856 http://www.museumindocklands.org.uk

Nearest tube: Canary Wharf or West India Quay (Zone 2)

This museum, located in a historic sugar warehouse in London’s Docklands, has a vast collection of material on the history of London as a port, and London’s global/imperial connections. The focus for the students in particular will be on a new permanent exhibition entitled London, Sugar & Slavery. This examines important ways wealth generated by the transatlantic slave trade helped London grow and prosper on a world stage, and the complex social and political legacies this trade has left.

The visit will include discussion with the co-curator of London, Sugar & Slavery, Dr Caroline Bressey, Director of the Equiano Centre at UCL www.ucl.ac.uk/equianocentre

Further Reading:

Driver, F. and Gilbert, D. 1998: Heart of Empire? Landscape, space and performance in imperial London, Environment & Planning D: Society and Space 16, pp. 11-28. Driver, F. 2001: Geography Militant: Cultures of Exploration and Empire, chapter 8. Schneer, J. 1999: London 1900. The Imperial Metropolis. Yale University Press.

Topic 5: Multicultural London

Field Visit to Spitalfields

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