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MARCH 2005

prints of Mr. Mah suggests that we can capture more in our film. However, I could not make simi- lar print. His tripod is much better than mine. And I’m far behind him about the technique and the photographic eyes. But I think that the following is a more important reason: the techniques or practice of using the whole equipment like a fine musical instrument.

I’ll try to convey my experience with Mr. Mah but it will be hard. Once you know the difference it brings, you cannot take a single photo without tripod. I mean a real good tripod and a head.

Spend money for a good support system is worth more than upgrading lens frequently. It is just like putting cheap OEM tires on your Porsche or Lamborghini. You cannot expect a real perfor- mance with such combinations. And you also need to learn how to drive them up to the max- imum performance level.

A product has to be something that helps people.

I sometimes argued with him that he was doing over-engineering. What I mean is that he rede- signs or upgrades materials without thinking about the cost. I believe that the M10 is enough for most situations but I guess he wants more. What he was doing is like an endless journey to get a perfect one. Little by little, I came to un- derstand that he was keeping the first mind and sticking to the basic.

I believe that Mr. Mah is someone who wants to make products that can help people. This is also the reason I write this article. Better understand- ing of the phenomenon might help photo- graphers use their gears in right way.

The conclusion that this document is written for is simple.

Special Thanks to Mr. Mah at Markins

Mr. Mah’s main interest is to make a good pho- tograph. He first made his own ball head after having spent huge money on many heads and tripods available in market then. And he is an experienced and admired engineer and de- signer. He is also a professional photographer. And even I’d rather not follow his practice but the fact that he had used and tried almost all the top level equipment will explain the utmost quality of the Markins product.

From the beginning, Q-Ball heads are destined to be ‘The Borne Supremacy.’

In 2003, I read a book about product design published at Oxford as I was giving a lecture about engineering design. The book claims that only 20 percent of the products since the Indus- trial Revolution were successful in fulfilling follow- ing statement.

Use good tripod. Use good ball head. Know how much you can get.

As I’m preparing the final part of this document, I found an interesting article. 38 A long review with a title of ‘Technology and Happiness: why more gadgets don’t necessarily increase our well-being’ attracted my eye. It’s very sophisti- cated review, but I want to cite one of the bold lines.

Considering how many decisions about new technology are based on little evidence, it seems plausible that people can get stuck with technologies that don’t make them happy but are hard to get rid of.

I think we should stop and ponder upon what the technology brings. Nowadays we have too


Technology Review, MIT, January 2005

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many new products and all are changing so fast. We become hard to resist the new technologies and bigger or better numbers in specifications.

It’s time to slow down, and reduce vibration.

Thanks for your interest and patience up to this last line.

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