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MARCH 2005

vide enough stiffness, many different vibrations occur before and after that point. Using spikes and pushing deep into the ground let the earth be included in your setup.

Use stiffer system, if you don’t want additional weight. You can increase equivalent mass by using stiffer tripod and ball head.

But when the tripod stands on a hard indoor floor with hard spikes, it will not hold the ground. This differs from the case of loud speaker with spikes because such speaker has enough weight to make the contact rigid for holding the units which experience high vibration energy.

Markins Q-Ball Head

This article is not for promoting Markins products. However, as I was exploring the nature of cam- era vibration, I became convinced about the performance of Markins ball head. And as a mechanical designer myself, I want to share the joy of using a well design product.

With a lot of vibration experiments Markins Q-Ball head was proved to be built to have high stiff- ness assembled with high quality parts. It might be better to have heavier head if your tripod is heavier than usual. But the Markins M-10 shows the same top level performance in much lighter weight giving a better stability balance in most professional tripods. Putting too heavy gear on top of the light weight tripod decreases stability of the whole setup. Someone might argue that heavier head like Arca Swiss B1 gives more sta- bility by putting down the whole setup but this is true only when the center of mass on top is in perfect position which is hardly achievable in the field.

And the durability of internal, external parts of the Markins product is just amazing. You can find more articles and opinions about the quality of

Markins Q-Ball head in other websites.19 Studio vs. Field

In studio photography, the situation is quite dif- ferent. We have plenty of chances to see the studio and it is easier to find 3 way heads than ball head in studio. We should not be misled by this scene because actual exposure time is very short in flash and studio light condition so the effect of vibration can be neglected completely.

It’s Precision Measuring Equipment.

I’m in the field of micro/nano technology. What I’m doing is measuring physical parameters, es- pecially displacement or vibration, from chatter- ing in machine tools to MEMS/NEMS 20 resonator using STM21.

The most worthwhile investment for a better pic- ture is a support. What we need is a stable sup- port for a precision system. We can find a plenty of reviews and recommendations on cameras or lens, but we can find relatively little on support system. I’d like to give information in both qualit- ative and quantitative manners hoping for your better understanding of situation.


19 Nikonians club: http://www.nikonians.org/ Dpreview: http://www.dpreview.com/ Photo.net: http://www.photo.net/ WebSiteOptimization: http://www.websiteoptimization.com/speed/tweak/b allhead/ Nature Photographic Society: http://www.naturephotosociety.org.sg/ASP/Article.as p?DBAPublishDate=7/1/2004

20 21

Micro/Nano electo-mechanical system Scanning Tunneling Microscope

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Simplified Test Setup

Below picture shows the simplified test setup for testing each head unit. The main reason for doing this is to give same conditions for the DUT 22 . The vibration was measured at point ‘B’ using a capacitive gap sensor from Lion Preci- sion, Inc. 23 HP35670A dynamic signal analyzer was used for data saving and processing along

with HP-VEE pro software.


With exactly the

same configuration, various

ball heads and 3

way was

heads given

were attached and tested. Vibration by firing Hasselblad 205FCC focal

shutter. So as to tion, Hasselblad

give consistent amount of vibra- 205FCC body 25 was loaded on

quick release at ‘A’ position. fired at 1/8 second using an air

The shutter release.


I’ll show you the result by 3 way head which might be an old model but one of the top mod- els from Hakuba. The exposure duration is be- tween the front two peaks. The following vibra- tions are after mirror is down. What you should see in these data is the pattern and amplitude of the vibration. It will tell a general hint about the different characteristics. Mirror down shock


device under test





25 One might think that it was a medium format cam- era, so the vibration would be greater than 135format. But the truth is that it isn't. It is superior than most 135 format camera.

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