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    Unfinished Business for Board Consideration or Action

  • 13.

    New Business for Board Consideration and Action. All matters of new business were considered

and discussed by the Board at its discussion meeting on October 8, 2007, except as noted (*).


Financial Items


Financial Reports: RESOLVED, following financial reports:







accepts the

  • a.

    Treasurer’s Report dated September 30, 2007,

  • b.

    List of Bills dated September 28 and October 10, 2007,


List of Tax Refunds dated September 30, 2007,

d. e. *f.

Budgetary Transfers dated October 3, 2007, Year End Budgetary Transfers dated October 4, 2007, and Sale of Unusable Equipment dated October 1, 2007.


Single Audit Report: RESOLVED, That the Board accepts the audit of the School District’s financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2007, as presented by Maher Duessel, Certified Public Accountants.


Personnel Items


Monthly Personnel Report: RESOLVED, That the Board approves the October 15, 2007, list of personnel changes.

  • C.


    • (1)

      Adoption of Policy AE, School District Core Values: RESOLVED, That the Board adopts Policy AE, School District Core Values, in the form presented.

    • (2)

      2007-2008 Student Assistance Team Members: RESOLVED, as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the members of the Student Assistance Team have been memorialized by the School Board for the 2007-2008 school year. The following individuals have agreed to serve on the Student Assistance Team for the 2007-2008 school year: Central Office Representative, Deborah P. Allen; Mellon Middle School Student Assistance Program Team, Brian McFeeley-Principal; Bridget Watson-Assistant Principal; Kara Berman-Guidance; Joy Rullo-Guidance; Do Sabol- School Nurse; Julie Tomer-Librarian; Ann White-Teacher; Beth Schneider-Teacher; Sue Wilcher-Teacher; Susan McDonald-Teacher; Dan Ridge-Teacher; Cindy Bronen- Teacher; Francis Raitano-Teacher; Linda Elm-School Psychologist; Erika Vasquez- Consultant to Special Ed. Dept; Jefferson Middle School Assistance Program Team, Joan Zacharias-Principal; Robert Freil-Assistant Principal; Danyelle Boyd-Guidance; Allison Levison-Guidance-Colleen Pasquale-Guidance; Barbara Austin-School Nurse; Ashlee Beckett-Teacher; Sue Carris-Teacher; Ed Petsko-Teacher; Pat Romano-School Psychologist; Stephanie Ross-Teacher; Donna Rotoloni-Teacher; Krista Wagner- Teacher; John Young-Teacher; Kristin Hertzog-Teacher; Karen Melvin-Teacher; Beth Luptak-Teacher; Kaitlyn Barry-Teacher; Erika Vasquez-Consultant to Special Ed. Dept.; Senior High School Assistance Program Team, Michelle Murray-Unit Principal; Teri Joseph-School Nurse; Rich Hagerty-School Psychologist; John Ambrose-Guidance; Peter Berg-Guidance Supervisor; Kim Cavitt-Guidance; Charlene Devlin-Guidance; Chad Johnston-Guidance and SAP Facilitator; Tara Leja-Guidance; John Niedzwicki-Guidance; Shelly Saba-Guidance; Ginny Lewandoski-Teacher; Bill Lewis-Teacher; Marlynn McConnell-Teacher; Darren McGregor-Teacher; Ben Minett- Teacher; and Michelle Ritchey-Teacher.

    • (3)

      Special Education Contract: RESOLVED, That the Board approves a contract with Life’s Work of Western Pennsylvania for the 2007-2008 school year for the provision of special education services to Mt. Lebanon exceptional students at an educational cost not to exceed $5,100.

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