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This section of these Regulations shall not apply to the Central Commercial District, which allows for zero setbacks from the right-of-way (ROW).

815Setback Lines, Exceptions

Front yard setback lines may be varied by the Board of Zoning Adjustment where the average depth of principal buildings on adjoining properties is less or greater than the depth prescribed elsewhere in these Regulations.  In such case, the front yard in question shall not be less than the average depth of existing front yards on the two (2) lots immediately adjoining.

820Lot Access Requirements

Every lot upon which a building is erected for use shall either be adjacent to or have direct and permanent and exclusive access to a public street of at least sixty (60) feet unless otherwise specifically permitted in these Zoning Regulations.  Access to buildings in a Planned Unit Development shall be approved by the Planning Commission.

The following restrictions regarding lot access control shall apply:

1.Lots with less than one-hundred (100) feet of frontage on a public street shall have no more than one (1) point of access to the public street.  Lots with more than 100 feet but less than 400 feet shall have no more than two (2) points of access to the public street.  Lots with more than 400 feet of frontage shall have no more than two (2) points of access for each four-hundred (400) feet of frontage.

2.The location of access drives for lots with 400 or more feet of frontage shall be approved by the appropriate agency.

3.No point of access shall be allowed within thirty (30) feet of the intersection of the right-of-way lines of intersecting streets.


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