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4.No curbs on public streets or public rights-of-way shall be cut, removed, or altered nor shall any curb or pavement be constructed within the right-of-way without written approval of the appropriate agency.

5.An access drive shall not exceed twenty (20) feet in width for one-way and/or one-lane ingress or egress.  Two-way and/or two-lane access drives shall not exceed thirty-five (35) feet in width.  Total access to any lot shall not exceed 40% of the lot width.

830Accessory Buildings

Accessory buildings shall be permitted in rear yards only and must be at least five (5) feet from any other buildings on the same lot and five (5) feet from all adjoining lots.  On any corner lot adjoining in the rear another lot which is in a residential zone, accessory buildings shall conform to the side yard requirements for the residential zone.  Residential accessory buildings shall not be used for or involved with the conduct of any business, trade, or industry.

Temporary structures and accessory buildings may be allowed for the storage of equipment during construction.

No buildings in the rear of a main or principal building on the same lot shall be used for residential purposes unless it conforms to all requirements of these Regulations, including, but not limited to, Section 810 (7).

831Storage of Materials or Supplies

In all zones, no materials or supplies shall be stored or permitted to remain on any part of the property outside the buildings constructed thereon without adequate screening as determined by the Planning Commission or meeting the requirements of Section 830 of these Regulations.

832Swimming Pools


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