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In all cases where the ownership of land is divided or consolidated for the purpose of eventual development of lots, of any kind, the provisions of the Shelby County Subdivision Regulations shall apply in addition to the provisions of these Regulations.

865Co-Ordination With Subdivision Regulations

It is desirable that access points to the major streets serving all zones shall be located no more frequently than once every eighth to quarter mile.  Topography and traffic volumes determine the exact locations of heavy volumes requiring greater spacing.  Along any major street where subdivided land and its minor streets are not sufficiently developed to permit acceptably spaced access points, the Planning Commission may approve the platting of temporary access and may require that temporary access points shall be eliminated by the developer when minor streets or marginal access streets are extended to the permanent access points.  

870Visibility at Intersections

Within the area defined by the intersection of any two right-of-way lines of streets and railroads and a straight line intersecting those two right-of-way lines at points twenty (20) feet from their intersection, no obstructions to vision between a height of two (2) and one half (1/2) feet and twelve (12) feet above the imaginary plane defined by those three (3) points of intersection are permitted.

880Water Supply and Sewage Disposal

No building or dwelling can be constructed without a safe drinking water supply and sewage disposal facilities which have been approved by the governing health official.  Wherever public water and/or sewer mains are accessible, all buildings and dwellings shall be connected to such mains.  In every case, individual water supply and sewage disposal must meet the requirements set by the governing health official and/or the County's/City's water and sewer department superintendent.  A certificate showing approval


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