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shall be used in the interpretation of these Regulations.  The words, which are defined, are those having special or limited meanings in these Regulations.  Words with self-evident meanings are not defined here.  Words used in the present tense include the future; words used in the singular include the plural and the plural include the singular; the word "shall" is mandatory; the word "may" is permissive; the word "should" is preferred; the word "building" includes the word "structure"; the word "lot" includes the words "plot" and "parcel"; the word "person" includes a firm or corporation as well as an individual; and the word "submission" indicates a complete filing as called for by the Ordinance.  These definitions shall be first used in the interpretation of any words or phrases used in these Regulations.  Any words or phrases not defined in these regulations shall be given the definition provided in KRS Chapter 100 or KRS Chapter 219.  Words neither defined in these Regulations nor in KRS 100 and KRS 219 shall be given their ordinary meaning and usage.

1.   Accessory Use or Structure

Any use or structure subordinate to the principal use or structure located on the same lot serving a purpose customarily                    incidental to the use of the principal structure or the land use.

2.   Administrative Official/Enforcement Officer

The Administrative Official is that individual who shall be appointed by the Triple S Planning Commission to administer these Regulations.  

3.   Agricultural Use

"Agricultural Use" means the use of a tract of at least five   (5)

contiguous acres for the production of agricultural or horticultural

crops, including but not limited to livestock, livestock products,

poultry, poultry products, grain, hay, pastures, soybeans, tobacco,

timber, orchard fruits, vegetables, flowers or ornamental plants,

including   provision for dwelling for persons and their families who

are engaged in the above agricultural use of the tract, but not  

including residential building development for sale or lease to the

public. Agricultural Purpose means the same as Agricultural use.

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