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for any building or use whenever the Administrative Official is unable to apply this standard literally and applies to the Board for an original interpretation.

1040Additional Parking, Loading, and Unloading Regulations

A.Arrangement of off-street parking space:  Off-street parking space required for any building or use may be located within walking distance or four hundred (400) feet from the premises it serves but detached there from and may be consolidated into a large parking area serving other buildings and uses if approved by the Board of Zoning Adjustment.  The Administrative Official shall apply to the Board for an original interpretation when building permits are requested in such cases.  The Board may not authorize the total amount of parking space required for all buildings and uses to be diminished except as follows:  If a consolidated parking area serves buildings or uses which do not generate automobile parking at the same times - i.e.:  Churches and stores, - total parking space may be diminished to the maximum required by those buildings and uses which do generate the parking of automobiles at the same time.

B.Proof of availability:  The Board of Zoning Adjustment may require a plat, deed, and any other proof necessary to show that required parking space, if located off the premises it serves, is controlled by and available to the applicant for a building permit.

C.The surfacing of parking, loading, and unloading spaces and the access thereto shall be surfaced in a manner adequate to eliminate dust and mud.

1050City Ordinance

Nothing in this Article shall be construed to be in conflict with any city ordinance regarding the parking of vehicles on city streets.


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