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5.Ingress and Egress Free

No outdoor advertising display sign shall be erected, constructed, or maintained so as to obstruct any fire escape or any window or door or opening used as a means of egress or so as to prevent free passage from one part of a roof to any part thereof.  No sign shall be attached in any form, shape, or manner to a fire escape and shall not be placed in such a manner as to interfere with any opening required for legal ventilation.

    6.Flashing Signs Prohibited

Flashing signs shall not be permitted in any zone, whether permanent or temporary on or off premise.  Flashing signs shall be defined as a sign, the illumination of which is not kept constant in intensity at all times when in use.  Illuminated signs which indicate time, temperature, weather or similar public service information, shall not be considered flashing signs.  Revolving signs of constant illumination shall not be considered flashing signs.

1120Residential Districts

Signs are permitted in residential zones only in accordance with the following provisions:

1.Temporary signs pertaining to the lease or sale of a building or land may be erected as provided in Section 1110 of these Regulations.  Real Estate signs shall not be displayed on and/or over city or public property except by the appropriate public agency.

2.Temporary signs, for one (1) year, may be erected to advertise a new subdivision of five (5) or more lots, provided that the sign is no larger than sixty (60) square feet in area, is not internally illuminated, advertises only the subdivision in which it is located and is erected only at a dedicated street entrance.


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