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3.One unilluminated sign may be erected in conjunction with the construction of a building to identify the owner, architect, engineer, contractor and others instrumental in the construction of the building provided that such sign is not more than twelve (12) square feet in area, no more than fifteen (15) feet above the ground, and is removed within thirty (30) days of receiving the Certificate of Occupancy.

4.One identifying sign of not more than thirty (30) square feet in area may be erected for churches, libraries, schools, parks, hospitals for human care, and other public facilities of a similar nature.  Such sign shall be solely for the purpose of displaying the name of the institution and its activities or services.  It may be illuminated, but shall not be flashing.

5.Directional signs, not exceeding two (2) square feet in area shall be permitted only on major thoroughfare approaches to institutions listed in four (4) above.  No such signs shall be permitted on minor residential streets.

6.One (1) indirectly lighted name plate sign for a dwelling group of four (4) or more dwellings not exceeding six (6) square feet in area.  Such signs may indicate only the names of buildings or of occupant of the buildings.

7.Accessory uses for professional offices or home occupations as specified in Section 662(2) and 663(2) shall be permitted one (1) indirectly lighted name plate (sign) not over two (2) square feet in area.

1130Business Districts

In all business districts, each business shall be permitted to have permanent outside signs.  Signs permitted under this section shall be limited to those as described below:

1.Each business shall be entitled to have one sign which is


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