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The uses in a Planned Unit Development project shall conform with the permitted uses of the zone in which it is located.  If a Planned Unit Development project is proposed which includes mixed uses, or other uses that are not permitted in the zone where it is proposed, or uses not permitted in any zone, the project may be permitted only after an overlay to the Zoning Map is approved by the Planning Commission.  Such an overlay shall designate the proposed location as a Planned Unit Development overlay zone.  The overlay zone may be permitted only after the conditional approval of the preliminary plat and shall be valid only for that project as approved.


In any Planned Unit Development project, although it is permissible to depart from literal conformance with the individual-lot dimension and area regulations, there shall be no diminution of the total equivalent lot area, parking area, and loading and unloading area requirements that would be necessary for the equivalent amount of individual-lot development.  The Planning Commission may allow reductions in these requirements however, upon proof by the developer that efficiencies of large-scale development may permit such reductions without destroying the intent of these Regulations.

1240Special Conditions

The Planning Commission shall attach reasonable special conditions to insure that there shall not be a departure from the intent of these Regulations.  The Planned Unit Development project shall conform with all such conditions.  Because a Planned Unit Development project is inherently more complex than individual-lot development and because each such project must be tailored to the topography and neighboring uses, the standards for such projects cannot be inflexible.

The following standards define the typical special conditions the


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