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1420Planning Commission Procedure

Upon the filing of an application for an amendment to the Official County/City Zoning Map(s) or the text of these Regulations, the Planning Commission shall study and review the application as provided in these Regulations and the bylaws of the Planning Commission.  No amendment shall be adopted without first being reviewed by the Planning commission.

The Planning Commission shall then hold at least one (1) public hearing after notice as required by KRS 424 and KRS 100 and shall make findings of fact and a recommendation for approval or disapproval of the proposed amendment to the various legislative bodies or fiscal court involved.  A tie vote shall be subject to further consideration by the Planning Commission for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days, at the end of which if the tie has not been broken, the application shall be forwarded to the fiscal court or legislative body without a recommendation for approval or disapproval.  

1430Notice of Public Hearing

The Planning Commission shall present every proposed amendment to the public at a public hearing.  Public hearings on amendments to the zoning order shall be scheduled at the time of application for the next regular Planning Commission meeting and shall comply with the required submission date. The Planning Commission shall publish notice once weekly for two (2) consecutive weeks in a newspaper having general circulation throughout the county no less than seven (7) and no more than twenty-one (21) days before the scheduled hearing, indicating the time and place of each public hearing on proposed amendments to the zoning order and may establish a schedule of reasonable fees to be paid by the applicant for a zoning amendment.  The Planning Commission may also issue notification of the public hearings by such other means as it may determine.

Any published notice shall include the street address of the property in question, or if one is not available or practicable due to the number of addresses involved, a geographic description sufficient to locate and identify the property, and the names of two (2) streets on either side of the property which intersect the street on which


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