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the property is located; and when the property in question is located at the intersection of two (2) streets, the notice shall designate the intersection by name of both streets rather than name two (2) streets on either side of the property.

When a hearing is scheduled on a proposal by a property owner to amend any zoning map, the following notice shall be given in addition to any other notice required by statute, local regulation or ordinance:  

A.Notice of the hearing shall be posted conspicuously on the property, indicating the proposed classification to be changed, for fourteen (14) consecutive days immediately prior to the hearing.  Posting shall be as follows:  

1.The sign shall state "zoning change" and the proposed classification change in letters three (3) inches in height.  The time, place and date of hearing shall be in letters at least one (1) inch in height; and

2.The sign shall be constructed of durable material and shall state the telephone number of the Planning Commission Office; and

3.It shall be the responsibility of the administrator to post the sign conspicuously on the property.  The Administrative Official shall verify to the Planning Commission at the hearing that placement occurred pursuant to the provisions of these Regulations.

B.Notice of the hearing shall be given at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the hearing by certified mail with return receipt requested.  Certification by the Planning Commission Secretary or other official of the Planning Commission that the notice was received by the owners of every parcel of property adjoining the property requesting the zone change is necessary before a public hearing can be held on the map amendment.  Willful non-receipt of notice by an adjoining property owner


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