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Planning Commission shall hold a public hearing on the proposed amendment.  

1450Recommendation of Commission for Zoning Map Amendment

Before recommending to the City Council or Fiscal Court that an application for amendment to the Zoning Map be granted, the Planning Commission must find that the map amendment is in agreement with the County's Comprehensive Plan, or in the absence of such a finding, that:

(1)the original zoning classification given to the property was inappropriate or improper, and that the proposed classification is proper, or

(2)that there have been major changes of an economic, physical or social nature within the area involved which were not anticipated in the Comprehensive Plan adopted by the Planning Commission and which have substantially altered the basic character of the area.  

Any owner of property who requests a map amendment(s) shall provide at his/her expense, a stenographer who will make a transcript of the public hearing before the Planning Commission.  Should the Fiscal Court, City Council/Commission or the Planning Commission originate the map amendment, the Planning Commission shall provide the stenographer to produce the transcript.  This transcript and a Finding of Fact shall be presented to the Commission at the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting for approval by the Commission.  The deliverance of the recommendation, with the approved Finding of Fact and approved transcript, to the Fiscal Court or City Council/Commission shall constitute the Final Action by the Planning Commission on the map amendment.

1460Action by City Council or Fiscal Court on Zoning Map Amendments

The County or City Council shall not act upon a proposed


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