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amendment to the Official City Zoning Map until it has received the written findings of fact and recommendation thereon from the Planning Commission.  The Planning Commission recommendation relating to the proposed amendment shall become final and the map amendment shall be automatically implemented subject to the provisions of KRS 100.347, as set forth in the Planning Commission recommendations, unless within twenty-one (21) days after the final action by the Planning commission:  (KRS 100.2111 (4)

A.Any aggrieved person files a written request with the Planning Commission that the final decision shall be made by the appropriate legislative body or Fiscal Court; or

B.The appropriate legislative body or Fiscal Court files a notice with the Planning Commission that the legislative body or Fiscal Court shall decide the map amendment.  

It shall take a majority of the entire legislative body to override the recommendation of the Planning Commission and it shall take a majority of the entire legislative body to adopt a zoning map amendment whenever the Planning Commission forwards the application to the legislative body without a recommendation of approval or disapproval due to a tie vote.  Unless a majority of the entire legislative body votes to override the Planning Commission's recommendation, such recommendation shall become final and effective and if a recommendation of approval was made by the Planning Commission, the ordinance of the legislative body adopting the zoning map amendment shall be deemed to have passed by operation of law.  

If the legislative body chooses to decide the map amendment, the legislative body shall take final action upon a proposed zoning map amendment within ninety (90) days of the date upon which the Planning Commission takes its final action upon such proposal.  The legislative body shall also notify the Administrative/Enforcement Official and the Planning Commission as to when the proposed map amendment will be heard by the legislative body prior to the legislative body's final action.  The legislative body shall complete


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