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and file for recording with the County Clerk, a Certificate of Land Use Restriction for any map amendment approved with conditions by the City Council/Commission or Fiscal Court.

1465Amendment of Comprehensive Plan Prior to Annexation Permitted

When a city which has adopted zoning or other land use regulations pursuant to KRS 100 proposes to annex new territory, it may amend the comprehensive Plan and the official zoning map to incorporate and establish zoning or other land use regulations for the property proposed for annexation prior to adoption of the ordinance of annexation.  If the city elects to follow this procedure, the Planning Commission shall hold a public hearing, after the ordinance stating the city's intent to annex and prior to final action upon the ordinance of annexation, for the purpose of adopting the Comprehensive Plan amendment and making its recommendations as to the zoning and other land use regulations which will be effective for the property upon its annexation.  Notice setting forth the time, date, location, and purpose of the public hearing shall be published as required by KRS 424 and these Regulations and shall be given to the owners of all properties within the area proposed for annexation and to adjoining property owners in accordance with KRS 100.212(2).  The city legislative body shall take final action upon the Planning Commission's recommendations prior to adoption of the ordinance of annexation and shall include in the ordinance of annexation a map showing the zoning or other land use regulations which will be effective for the annexed property.  If the city elects not to follow the procedure provided for in this selection prior to the adoption of the ordinance of annexation, the newly annexed territory shall remain subject to the same land use restrictions, if any, as applied to it prior to annexation until those restrictions are changed by zoning map amendments or other regulations in accordance with these regulations.

1470Recommendation of Commission for Text Amendment

After voting to recommend that an application for amendment to the text of these Regulations be granted or denied, the Planning Commission shall forward to Fiscal Court or City Council/


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