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boundary.  The                             maximum height of the luminaries may not exceed 25 feet.                             Lighting for parking areas shall not exceed the maximum                               building height permitted, or 25 feet, whichever is less, and                           buffering of vehicular light shall follow ARTICLE XV, BUFFER                        ZONE REQUIREMENTS, and Section A.2. (b)(c);

         (d) LIGHTING IN THE RIGHTOFWAY: Perimeter lighting                                        placed in a rightofway (ROW) shall not exceed 25                                          feet in height unless a variance is requested and                                             granted by the Planning Commission or Board of Adjustments                      and Appeals as applicable for adjoining   roads and vehicular                        use areas and ingress/egress points upon approval by the                             responsible ROW agency. Written permission from the                                   authority having jurisdiction over the ROW shall be submitted                       by the developer prior to the approval of the Lighting Plan                             which is proposed in the ROW.  The Enforcement Officer, the                        Planning Commission or its designated Consultant may                                 consult with a representative of the appropriate lighting utility                       agency to determine that glare from proposed lighting in the                          rightofway will not be a hazard to drivers or a nuisance to                            adjacent properties.  The developer will be responsible for the                       cost and maintenance of proposed lighting in the rightofway;

                 Luminaries used for public roadway illumination may                                     be installed at a maximum height of 25 feet in height unless a                        variance is requested and granted by the Planning                                          Commission and may be positioned at that height up to the                           edge of the bordering property;

        (d) Lighting for walkways, building entrances, parking                                             areas and loading areas shall be sufficient so that an object                           or a person may be seen directly;

         (f) Lighting for temporary construction projects shall                                              consist of lighting sufficient to safely


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