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to                        reduce a viewers' ability to see and, in extreme cases, causing                      momentary blindness.

50.Group Home

A residential care facility, operated by a sponsoring private or governmental agency to provide services in a homelike setting for handicapped persons.  "Services" means, but is not limited to, supervision, shelter, protection, rehabilitation, personal development, and attendant care.

51. Height of Structure

See "Building, Height of" page 7, Definition number 18.

52.Home Occupation

An occupation or profession as specified in the residential district and described in 50 (a.) carried on within a dwelling by the occupant thereof which is clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the dwelling for residential purposes and meeting the following requirements: the use is conducted entirely within the dwelling and not in any accessory building; the use is carried on only by residents of the dwelling, with no more than one non-resident employee or agent; there is no display of merchandise and no external alteration of the dwelling except one(1) non-illuminated sign two (2) square feet in area attached to the main building; and the use does not adversely affect the uses permitted in the immediate neighborhood by excessive traffic generation or noise.  

(a) Home Occupations: professional offices, studios, personal services, and the renting of sleeping rooms maintained or conducted within a dwelling.  Such activities are incidental to the principal residential use and involve the employment of no more than one person who does not reside on the premises.  Such activities occupy no more than twenty-five (25%) percent of the total floor area of the dwelling.  (The selling of any merchandise is not a home occupation.)


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