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not less than (9) feet x (18) feet for angular parking at 45 degrees, either enclosed or in the open, exclusively for the parking of a motor vehicle.

a.  Accessible Parking Spaces

Parking spaces designated for handicapped people and accessible passenger loading zones that serve a particular building shall be located on the shortest possible accessible circulation route to an accessible entrance of the building.  In separate parking structures or lots that do not serve a particular building, parking spaces for physically handicapped people shall be located on the shortest possible circulation route to an accessible pedestrian entrance of the parking facility.

(See Article X for dimensions of handicap parking).

92. Plan

The provisions for development of a planned unit development including a plat of subdivision, all covenants relating to use, location and bulk of buildings and other structures, intensity of use or density of development, private streets, ways and parking facilities, common open space and public facilities.  The phrase "provisions of the plan" when used in this act shall mean the written and graphic materials referred to in this definition.

93. Planned Unit Development (PUD)

An area with a specified minimum contiguous acreage as imposed by the Triple S Planning Commission to be developed as a single entity according to a development plan, containing one or more residential clusters or planned unit residential developments and one or more public, quasi-public, commercial or industrial areas in such ranges of ratios of nonresidential uses to residential uses as shall be specified in the Zoning Regulations.

94. Planned Unit Residential Development

An area with specified minimum contiguous acreage as imposed


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