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B. Minor Subdivisions

The subdivision of land into two (2) lots, with a minimum of two (2) acres per lot with a minimum of 250 feet of road frontage per lot which must have a minimum residual tract of fifteen (15) acres with a minimum of 100 feet of road frontage, which does not require the construction, improvement, widening of streets or other major construction of utility lines and other public services singularly or in combination of any of the above.  The original parcel would be the status as existed as of November 15, 1961.  Minor boundary adjustments for consolidation purposes only and not for building development are exempted from subdivision determination.

Subdivisions in Agricultural Districts with three (3) or more lots of less than five (5) acres shall not be approved without first obtaining a zone change from Agricultural to Residential.  

112. Subdivision Regulations

The regulations governing the subdivision of land within the County of Shelby and any designated extra-territorial jurisdiction as adopted by the Triple S Planning Commission.  (See the "Subdivision Regulations for Shelby County and Shelbyville").

113.Surface Mining/Strip Mining

The breaking of the soil in order to facilitate or accomplish the extraction or removal of minerals, ores, or other solid matter; any activity or process constituting all or part of a process for the extraction or removal of minerals, ores, and other solid matter from its original location; and the preparation, washing, cleaning or other treatment of minerals, ores, or other solid matter so as to make them suitable for commercial, industrial, or construction use; but shall not include the extraction of coal by a land owner for his own non-commercial use from land owned or leased by him; the extraction of coal as an individual part of federal, state or local government financed highway or other construction under


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