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c.Remedies:  The Administrative Official, the Board of Zoning Adjustment, the Planning Commission, the City Council, the Fiscal Court, or any interested party may institute an injunction, mandamus, abatement or other appropriate proceedings to prevent, enjoin, abate, or remove any violation of these Regulations.

360 Penalties

Except as provided in Section 960 of Article IX, violations of the provisions of these Regulations or failure to comply with any of its requirements (including violations of conditions and safeguards established in connection with grants of variances or special exceptions) shall constitute a misdemeanor.  Any person(s) who violates these Regulations or fails to comply with any of its requirements shall upon conviction thereof be fined not more than one-hundred ($100) or imprisoned for not more than thirty (30) days, or both, and in addition shall pay all costs and expenses involved in the case.  Each day such violation continues shall be considered a separate offense.

The owner or tenant of any building, structure, premises, or part thereof, and any architect, builder, contractor, agent, or other person who commits, participates in, assists in, or maintains such violation may each be found guilty of a separate offense and suffer the penalties herein provided.

Nothing herein contained shall prevent the city or county from taking such other lawful action as is necessary to prevent or remedy any violation.

370 Fee Schedule

The legislative bodies adopting these Regulations do hereby grant the Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment the power to establish a reasonable schedule of fees, charges, and expenses and a collection procedure for certificate of zoning compliance, appeals,


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