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the number of votes for and against each question, and if any member is absent or abstains from voting, indicating the fact, all of which shall, immediately after adoption, be filed in the office of the Board.  If the Board has no office, such records may be kept in custody of an officer of the board and shall be available to the general public.  A transcript of the minutes of the Board shall be provided if requested by a party, at the expense of the requesting party, and the transcript shall constitute the record.

420 Other Rights and Powers of Board

a.The Board of Adjustment may employ or contract with planners or other persons as it deems necessary to accomplish its assigned duties.

b.The Board shall have the right to receive, hold, and spend funds which it may legally receive from any and every source in and out of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, including the United States Government, for the purpose of carrying out its duties.

c.The Board shall have the power to issue subpoenas to compel witnesses to attend its meetings and give evidence bearing upon the questions before it.  The Chief of Police and/or Sheriff shall serve such subpoenas.  The Circuit Court may, upon application by the Board, compel obedience to such court or such subpoena by proceedings of contempt.

d.The Chairperson of the Board shall have the power to administer an oath to witnesses prior to their testifying before the board on any issue.

425Administrative Review - Appeals To The Board

Appeals to the Board may be taken by any person or entity claiming to be injuriously affected or aggrieved by an official action or decision of any Zoning Administrative Official.  Such appeal shall be taken within thirty (30) days after the appellant or his/her agent receives notice of the action appealed from, by filing with the


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