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conditional use permit, along with a reference to the specific section in the Zoning Regulations listing the conditional use under consideration.  The Board shall have power to revoke conditional use permits, or variances for noncompliance with the condition thereof.  Furthermore, the Board shall have a right of action to compel offending structures or uses removed at the cost of the violator and may have judgment in person for such cost.

b.Granting of a conditional use permit does not exempt the applicant from complying with all of the requirements of building, housing and other regulations.

c.A conditional use permit must be exercised within the time limit set by the Board, or within one (1) year of issuance.

d.The Administrative Official shall review all conditional use permits, except those for which all conditions have been permanently satisfied, at least once annually and shall have the power to inspect the land or structure where the conditional use is located in order to ascertain that the land owner is complying with all of the conditions which are listed on the conditional use permit.  If the landowner is not complying with all of the conditions which are listed on the conditional use permit, the Administrative Official shall state conditions on the conditional use permit, and prepare a report, in which a copy of the report shall be furnished to the landowner at the same time that it is furnished to the Chairperson of the Board.  Upon hearing the report, as required by KRS 100.237, if the Board finds the facts alleged to be true and that the land owner has taken no steps to comply with them between the date of the report and the date of the hearing, the Board may authorize the Administrative Official to revoke the activity on the land which the conditional use permit authorizes.

e.Once the Board has completed a conditional use permit and all the conditions required are of such type that they can be completely and permanently satisfied, the Administrative


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