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approve or disapprove the matter pending before the body.

482Interpretation Of Zoning Map

Where the street or lot layout actually on the ground, or as recorded, differs from the street and lot lines indicated on the zoning map, the Board, after notice to the owners of the property and after public hearing, shall interpret the map in such a way as to carry out the intent and purposes of these Regulations for the particular district or zone in question as stipulated in Article VI, section 620, of these Regulations.

484Off Street Parking, Loading and Unloading

The Board shall interpret the amount of off-street parking, loading and unloading space required according to Article X of these Regulations.

486Special Conditions

The Board may attach special conditions to any decision it is authorized to make to ensure that the intent of the Zoning Regulation is carried out.

488Limits Of Authority

The Board shall act only within the strict limits of its authority as defined in these Zoning Regulations.  The Board shall not possess the power to grant a variance to permit use of any land, building, or structure, which is not permitted by the zoning regulation in the zone in question, or to alter density requirements in the zone in question.

The Board shall not allow the enlargement or extension of a non-conforming use beyond the scope and area of its operation at the time the regulation that makes its use non-conforming adopted.  Nor shall the Board permit a change from one non-conforming use to


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