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f.An owner claiming a continuing non-conforming use shall bear the burden of showing that said use was in existence as of the effective date of these Regulations and has not been discontinued for a period of one (1) year since the said effective date.  An owner may register a continuing non-conforming use with the Administrative/Enforcement Official within twelve (12) months of the adoption of these Regulations to establish that said use was in existence as of the effective date of these Regulations.


Junkyards are not designated as permitted uses in any zone and are consequently non-conforming uses in all zones.  They shall conform with Article V, section 520 of this order prescribing regulations for non-conforming uses.  The Administrative Official shall ensure that all existing junkyards maintain valid permits to operate issued by the Kentucky Department of Highways as required by the Kentucky Revised Statutes 177.905 through 177.990, and he/she shall ensure that all screening required by the Department of Highways is maintained.  The Planning Commission may authorize the Administrative Official to require that all existing junkyard, in addition to the permit to operate, shall maintain valid certificates of occupancy as non-conforming uses according to Article III of these Regulations.

530Nonconforming Structures

Where a lawful structure exists at the effective date of adoption or amendment of these Regulations that could not be built under the terms of these Regulations by reason of restrictions on area, lot coverage, height, yards, its location on the lot, or other requirements concerning the structure, such structure may continue so long as it remains otherwise lawful.

Any proposed addition or substantial remodeling of a nonconforming structure may be granted after a public hearing as a dimensional variance by the Board of Zoning Adjustment.  The


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