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The Official Zoning Map shall be identified by the signature of the County Judge and/or Mayors and attested by the City and/or County Clerk and bearing the seal of the legislative bodies under the following words: "This is to certify that this is the Official Zoning Map referred to in section 620 of the Shelby County Zoning Regulations," together with the date of the adoption of these Regulations.

If, in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations and KRS 100, changes are made in a zones boundaries or other matter portrayed on the Official Zoning Map, such changes shall be entered on the Official Zoning Map promptly after the amendment has been approved by the legislative body involved with an entry on the Official Zoning Map as follows: "On _________ (date), by official action of the legislative body, the following change(s) were made on the Official Zoning Map: (brief description of nature of change)," which entry shall be signed by the County Judge or Mayor, and attested by the County or City Clerk.  No amendment to these Regulations which involves matter portrayed on the Official Zoning Map shall become effective until after such change and entry has been made on said map.

No changes of any nature shall be made on the Official Zoning Map or matter thereon except in conformity with the procedures set forth in these Regulations.  Any unauthorized change of whatever kind by any person or persons shall be considered a violation of these Regulations and punishable as provided under Section 360.

Regardless of the existence of purported copies of the Official Zoning Map which may from time to time be made or published, the Official Zoning Map which shall be located in the office of the Triple S Planning Commission, shall be the final authority as to the current zoning status of land and water areas, buildings, and other structures in the County (including all incorporated areas).

615Replacement of Official Zoning Map

In the event that the Official Zoning Map becomes damaged, destroyed, lost or difficult to interpret because of the nature or


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