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corporation line.

d.Where a zone boundary follows a stream or the shore of a body of water, that stream or shore line is the boundary of that zone.

e.Where a zone boundary does not clearly follow any of the features mentioned above, its exact location on the ground shall be determined by measurement according to the map scale.  

f.All questions not covered by 620(a) through 620(e) concerning the exact location of any zone boundary line or portion thereof, shall be determined by the Board of Zoning Adjustment.

Where a zone boundary line on the County Zoning Map divides a lot of single ownership which was recorded at the time of enactment of these Regulations, the Board of Zoning Adjustment may permit the extension of the Regulations for either portion of the lot a distance not to exceed fifty (50) feet into the remaining portion of the lot.

Whenever any street, alley, public way, or public easement is vacated through legal action, the abutting zones shall be extended, depending on the land to which the vacated lands revert.

630Rezoning for unincorporated land

In case any area hereafter becomes a part of the unincorporated land area of Shelby County as a result of the dissolution of an incorporated city or by any other means, the Triple S Planning Commission shall initiate the amendment procedure to assign such area to a zone.  The Triple S Planning Commission shall consider such an amendment during the first amendment meeting at which it is eligible for consideration.  Zoning permits shall not be issued for such area until it is assigned to a zone.  

640Zones/Districts Established


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