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welding; gasoline, oil or alcohol storage above the ground in excess of five hundred (500) gallons; grist or flour mill; junk, scrap paper or rag storage; baling; laundry or bakery employing more than five persons; machine shop, slaughter house or stock yard; tinsmith shop; or sheet metal works; or any other use which in the opinion of the Board of Zoning Adjustment would be injurious because of offensive fumes, odors, noises, dust, vibrations or other objectionable features, or hazardous to the community and/or county on account of danger of fire or explosion, even when conducted under safeguards.

2.Conditionally Permitted Uses

The following uses are special exceptions and require written approval of the Board of Zoning Adjustment:

Churches and other places of worship; parish houses; public libraries; public schools; parks, and noncommercial public recreational facilities; public utilities; funeral homes; cemeteries; nursing homes, hospitals and clinics for human care, philanthropic institutions and clubs, including a club of which the chief activity is customarily carried on as a business.

The Board of Zoning Adjustment may attach certain conditions to its approval which it feels are necessary to preserve and protect the character of the district in which the proposed use would locate.

3.Accessory Uses

Any accessory use or building customarily incidental to the above permitted uses is permitted, including dwelling units occupying the same building as the principal commercial use and being for use by the owner and/or operator of the permitted commercial use.

4.Required Conditions


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