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   4.Required Conditions

a.Screening: Where a side lot line is shared with an adjoining residential lot, a well-maintained compact hedge, a solid fence or similar solid screening device at least six (6) feet in height shall be installed by the property/business owner or the developer to screen the business use from the adjoining lot in the residential zone.  The screen shall begin at the front building line and extend along the common side lot line to the rear property line.  The Triple S Planning Commission holds the right to invoke a more stringent buffering zone if a potential threat to the health, safety, welfare and morals of the general public exists.

b.Access to Highways and Streets: In all commercial zones, points of access to highways and streets shall be controlled by the Triple S Planning Commission and by Article VIII, Section 820, of these Regulations.  Before any zoning permit for any structure in a C-4 zone may be issued the prospective builder or operator of the proposed C-4 activity shall submit a sketch of the layout and design of the proposed structure and/or use and its access points to the highway and/or street to the Triple S Planning Commission.  The Triple S Planning Commission may require that when two or more consumer commercial establishments adjoin along one side of any street or highway that they share access points to the street.  When more than four (4) consumer commercial establishments adjoin along any highway or street, a road parallel to the highway or street may be built, at the expense of all adjoining consumer commercial establishments, to provide service to all consumer commercial establishments on the same side of the street or highway.  This road shall have access to the highway or street at no more than two (2) points for every four (4)


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